Tilehurst Schoolwear Shop Now Open!

Tilehust Schoolwear supply School uniforms and school clothing for children ranging from toddlers at pre school up to young adults at university.

We don't just supply local schools like 
Little Heath and Southcote Primary, we print and embroider many types of clothing and school bags to schools, colleges and universities all over the United Kingdom.

Tilehurst Schoolwear is located at: Print & Embroidery Shop 20 Hildens Drive, Tilehurst , Reading RG31 5HU.


On weekdays Tilehurst Schoolwear opens at 9.30am and stays open until 5.30pm
We are closed at the weekend.

0118 941 0719 or 0118 327 1060 or email us sales@tilehurstschoolwear.co.uk